Flat connector clamps

for the connection of ISOFLEXX® to flat bars lengthwise or at an angle of 90° without drilling

Pressure plates

for the connection of ISOFLEXX® to flat bars, including fastening material; plates made of 5 mm thick steel with DIN hole

Plastic support

Plastic support for the mounting of ISOFLEXX® on DIN 35 mm profile bars; made of halogen-free, self-extinguishing, glass fiber-reinforced polyamide; alternatively suitable for fixing with cable ties

High-current clamps

for clamp connections of ISOFLEXX® to flat bars lengthwise without drilling; clamp width 40 mm; made of stainless steel, with high bending strength, perfect for constant contact pressure across the entire surface

Conductor connection clamps

for the mounting of round connectors or ISOFLEXX® on flat bars with a thickness of 5 mm without drilling

Drilling templates

for problem-free drilling of ISOFLEXX®, matched to the relevant bar width, with different drill bits

Bending tool

for manual bending of ISOFLEXX® and flat Cu bars; angle stop steplessly adjustable from 0 – 120°; maximum bending performance: solid Cu bars, 100 x 12 mm; made of breakproof spherical cast metal

Twisting tool

for manual twisting of ISOFLEXX® using the bending tool BV-100 or another suitable holding device

On request, we deliver our accessories also in other dimensions.