Laminated busbars from EMS

The global demand for clean energy and the increasing electrification increase the need for compact systems for power distribution with high current.

That’s why EMS offers customized busbar solutions for almost any industry or application!

“We use high quality materials and have a wide range of options, even for small installation spaces.”


Possible applications

The growing demand from renewable energy, electric vehicles, home and building automation, leads to an ever-increasing need for laminated busbars.

Our laminated busbars can be found in transportation drive systems for railway applications, in wind and solar inverters, in commercial frequency converters as well as in large UPS systems or other power supply systems.

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Your benefits

Our laminated busbars are copper components separated by thin dielectric materials such as foils and laminated into a uniform conductor, and are ideal for carrying electrical loads.

+ Reduction of system costs
+ Improving reliability
+ Increase capacity
+ Elimination of wiring problems
+ Reducing impedance and inductance

The busbars

We use copper (CU-ETP), aluminium or CoppAl® sheets as conductor material. All materials can be tin-plated or nickel-plated according to requirements and application.

We process the thin copper sheet parts in laser punching operations in formats of up to 1250 mm x 2035 mm. The integrated laser of our machine creates precise contours and the punching tools enable pull-throughs, roll beading, folding and signatures in no time at all.

Lamination & Insulation

Laminated insulation is particularly advantageous for complex busbars. EMS only uses high-quality and hard-wearing foil material, such as:
→ PI

From prototype to final installation

Our experienced EMS designers ensure needs-based results from analysis to busbar prototype production. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop our projects systematically and implement them efficiently. The result is individual solutions that are geared towards economic efficiency and meet the customer’s requirements down to the last detail.

Thus, we have more than two decades of technical expertise in the field of connection technology and can find a solution for almost any application!


Do you have questions about our laminated busbars?


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